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Get an in-depth look at the systems & strategies Real Estate Investor Ryan Pineda used to create his multi-million dollar house flipping business. 


Ryan Pineda embarked upon his real estate journey in 2010. As an agent, he barely made enough money to pay the bills. He was in desperate need of ideas for generating extra income for his family. When he figured out how to flip homes, he realized this was what he should have been doing all along. In 2015, with only $10,000 in the bank, he officially began his real estate investing career. Three years after taking that leap of faith, he became a millionaire and has purchased over 100 homes in seven different states. His desire is to share his story, inspire others, and teach anyone how to do the same.

Just as I expected, he blew my mind again. I brought my wife, we had a really good time. Met his team, everyone is super cool, and he gave us, just about as detailed as he could get about how his business is run, and what to do to get a bunch of flips. I 100% guarantee you get it.

–¬†Jamie Bejar

I learned a lot – figured out how to find more deals, how to finance deals, how to fix your deals, how to secure your properties. I learned a lot of how to use the MLS and find deals – I strongly suggest that you take this course too.

– Brian Davila

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