Future Flipper: Rookie Coaching Program

You’ll learn all aspects of real estate investing including Flipping, Wholesaling, and Traditional Rentals. This program is geared for beginners looking to get their first few deals. To do this you’ll go through the Rookie Gameplan.

Quick Highlights of The Rookie
Coaching Program

01 30 Minute One on One Onboarding Call with Ryan

  • Discuss your current business strengths and weaknesses.
  • Set goals and expectations.

02 60 Minute Group Zoom calls once a week with Ryan

  • Q and A with Ryan
  • Content geared towards getting your first deal.
  • Weekly homework review for accountability.

03 Private Facebook Group for Rookie Members only.

  • A community of members encouraging one another, holding each other accountable, and growing together towards a common goal.
  • Answers from Ryan and other group members on questions and topics.
  • Networking opportunity to grow together with like-minded people

04 Support from Ryan’s team

  • Support through Facebook Group, email, and direct messages.
  • As the market changes, you’II be up to date on the changes Ryan is making within his business.

05 Flipping and Wholesaling Online Academy

  • All the tools and skills Ryan uses to do 100+ deals a year
  • 80+ videos covering all aspects of flipping and wholesaling
  • Contracts, spreadsheets, and calculators

06 Members Only Events

  • Exclusive live events for group members

Due to limited availability, this program is available by application only if you’d like to be considered, please apply below

Same with 2 deals! Opened escrow yesterday far the triplex rental in Haliimaile & signed the wholesale contract then deposited the EMD to escrow today on a duplex in Kula to flip ... Looked on the MLS far top agents who had good solds in the area, contacted 2 agents who both gave me ARV $1.1 1.2 depending on reno extent ... Whoop whoop thanks far the direction! 

Zasha Smith

Two big wins! Locked up a deal in San Bernardino and one in Vegas just now

Brian Davila

Officially under contract with EMD deposited on a single family home just down the road from my house. Was on market for 250+ days with no pictures. At the price it was at I decided to take a look. lt ends up this house is 3/4 flipped and looks pretty good. The reason it wasn't selling after sorne R&D was that is agent (along with O pictures posted) also was using a landline with voicemail where she had to call you back
with the code and be there at the showing! 🙂 🙂  So ... Lucky us, we got it ata pretty good price.
Rehab 1 Ok, one month timeline
Sell 165k
Gross Rev 40k
Holding/closing/$ cost - $5000
Commissions $6,500 (1 pay flat 2500 to my listing and a 3/2 to buyers)
Net - $28,500
Found it on the MLS using Ryan's methods for MLS

Jared Emerick

Copyright 2021 Future Flipper

Copyright 2021 Future Flipper