Future Flipper: All Star Coaching Program

In this program, Ryan will coach you through all the steps to become an All Star Investor.

You’ll be coached on all aspects of real estate investing including Flipping, Wholesaling, Traditional Rentals, Air Bnb, and much more. The goal is to gain both financial freedom and time freedom. To do this, you’ll go through the All Star Gameplan

What You’ll Learn

The All Star Gameplan

Master Flipping

Phase 1 is to master the three skills of flipping:
  • Finding Deals
  • Raising Money.
  • Managing Contractors

Master these skills and you can succeed in all aspects of real estate. Initially, the emphasis will be on learning to find deals. Becoming great at finding deals will allow you to wholesale and start building capital quickly. With that capital you’ll be able to flip and start buying rentals.

Delegate to Celebrate

Phase 2 you will learn all about employees:
  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Managing

So many investors have a hard time trusting other people and letting go of tasks. In order to scale your business and free up your time, you’ve got to have the right employees. This is what truly makes you a CEO of your business.

Buy Rentals

Phase 3 you will learn about rentals:
  • Rental Types
  • Financing
  • Tax Strategies

Should you buy single family, multi family, or Air Bnb? In state or out of state? How do you use BRRRR, Seller Financing, and other creative ways to finance deals? How can you pay less taxes by buying rentals? You’ll learn the answers to all these questions. The capital created from flipping and wholesaling will be used to purchase rentals. Accumulating enough rentals will allow you to become financially free.

Quick Highlights of The All Star
Coaching Program

01Direct Support

  • Direct access to Future Flipper coaches.
  • List of the top providers, scripts, guides, and legal contracts.
  • As the market changes, you’ll be up to date on the newest trends and strategies.

02One on One Onboarding Call

  • Discuss your current business strengths and weaknesses.
  • Set goals and expectations.

03Weekly Zoom Calls and Trainings

  • Weekly topics and content.
  • Expert guest speakers.
  • Q&A with Ryan on select calls.

04Quarterly Masterminds

  • Members will spend one day per quarter in a mastermind.

  • They will share strategies, build relationships, and learn from one another.

05 Visit Ryan’s Office

  • All member have the opportunity to visit Ryan’s office.
  • See his team first hand and ask questions.

06Weekly Accountability Coaching

  • You will be placed into an accountability group.
  • Check in weekly with each other and your accountability coach to ensure you are hitting your weekly goals.
  • Discuss in-depth anything you or your business is struggling with currently.

.07Flipping and Wholesaling Online Academy

  • All the tools and skills Ryan has used to flip and wholesales hundreds of homes.

  • 80+ videos covering all aspects of flipping and wholesaling.

  • Contracts, spreadsheets, and calculators

08Private Facebook Group for All Star Members only.

  • A community of members growing towards a common goal.

  • Network with like minded people and have the ability to do deals together.

09 Custom CRM for House Flipping and Wholesaling

  • A personalized CRM made for flippers. Track your marketing, expenses, and customer relations in one platform.
  • Automate your follow ups to keep in touch with your leads and never miss out on any opportunities.
  • Keep a track record of all your past deals and what phase your current deals are in.

10Social Media and Influence Training

  • Learn How to Build Your Personal Brand.
  • Discover the tools and strategies Ryan uses to publish content consistently.
  • Become a known brand in your market.

Due to limited availability, this program is available by application only. To be considered please apply below.









Copyright 2021 Future Flipper

Copyright 2021 Future Flipper